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Designated Partners

1) Mr. Uday Panse , BE Mech, having more than thirty years of experience in R & D and Sales and Marketing in engineering industry.

2) Mrs.Sharmila Panse, Engineer in Industrial Electronics having more than thirty years of experience in Electronics, Instrumentation and System software and hardware.

We also have associates trained in India and abroad working in cutting edge; state of the art technology.

We at Motorman Lubricants LLP offer a wide range of products suitable for Car Detailing, Car Performance Industry and Engineering Industry. We have dedicated Marketing and Technical teams to cater to Indian & International customer needs in Industrial & Replacement Market setup.

Motorman Frigon range of products are State of the Art Technology outcomes, performing miraculously in varied Engineering industries solving metal to metal Friction issues, to their great satisfaction. We are a preferred partner for various OEMs by virtue of our performance of quality and consistency. Our products are a result of innovative approach directed towards understanding and solving specific needs of customer with view of optimum solution.

Motorman range of products have gained acceptance in two-whleer, three-wheeler, car, offroad vehicles, light & heavy commercial vehicles, Earth moving equipments.

We are preferred source to Original Equipment Manufacturers like Premier Ltd. We have performance test certification from premier testing institution, CIRT, Pune

Motorman range of products are also gaining acceptance in the demanding industrial segment for use in D.G.sets, Boilers, Furnaces, Gear Boxes, Transmissions, Mining machinery, Cement plant machinery, etc.

Besides the Petrol & Diesel fuel additive, we have an exhaustive range of additives for Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Radiators & Cooling Systems and other speciality applications like Engine or Radiator flushing and excessive oil burning & smoke emission, Fuel Injection System maintenance, Power Steering system maintenance.

Motorman Friction reducing additives have innovative technology called “Multipole molecular nanotechnology” applied in Tribology. These products are manufactured entirely in India under supervision of best technologists; strictly following laid down best manufacturing practices.

We have material handling, metering & dispensing automation system vertical. We can handle various materials such as Liquids, Pastes, Powders, Granules etc. This system can capture real-time data of dispensing events and furnish reports in Excel format. The metering and dispensing can be both Volumetric as well as Gravimetric with desired accuracy. System can also account for variations occurring due to changes in Temperature.

We have another vertical working in the field of correct sitting posture holding harness; namely Sukhasan.